Why I love birth photography

4/21/2015 02:42:00 PM

Yesterday I had the amazing honor of being the photographer for a little ones entrance into the world. Everyone asks why I do this style of photography.  I thought I would share my side of the lens.

The emotion of it all.  Nothing is faked, there's no camera ready smiles, perfect clothing, perfect makeup.  There's nothing more flattering and beautiful than a picture that captures raw unedited human emotion.  From the love before the work starts, to the worry in the waiting room, all the way to the pure joy and unconditional love that flows afterward.  It's amazing to see it through the lens.

It's a challenge.  The lighting is, lets face it, horrible.  And it's supposed to be.  The environment is all about what's comfortable for mom and baby.  Which means low lights, sometimes zero natural light and never a flash.  Most of the shots the ISO is cranked up to allow a good exposure, the sacrifice to that is they may have some grain to them.  This ever changing light means I'm always metering, always adjusting settings and always double checking my images.  Add to this low light you are there to observe and document.  Which means you have to stay out of the way of all the medical professionals who are doing their job and don't need your lens in the way.  So you are often shooting from unreal angles, arms in the shots, cords, and all kinds of distractions.  Between the sometimes grainy exposure to a purple gloved hand in the almost perfect shot, this is what birth photography is about....it's REAL and I love it.  

Babies.  Yep just babies in general!  They are perfect and amazing in their individual way.  From their little baby toes to their tiny little ears, I just love them!  Every child I've had the joy to photograph has their own little thing that makes them special.  I love hearing their families tell me stories about how they do this or that.  There's always this level of pride that just warms my heart.  As a parent to my own miracle baby (who at 12 doesn't like being called that anymore lol) I love reliving my own memories through these precious moments.  

It's over in a blink of an eye.  You may be working an 8 hour day but to the mom and dad, it's over fast.  Little details about the hospital are usually lost over time.  I couldn't tell you what room I was in let alone what floor it was.  But when you get a lifestyle birth session it's all documented.  From how much coffee was consumed to the what the sky looked like the hour your baby was born.  Nothing tells the story of your day like photography.  

I love what I do and I hope it shows with my work!  I'm thrilled to be a vendor at the upcoming BabyFest held at the arena and hope I get more birth sessions to share with the world!  

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