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12/30/2014 11:13:00 PM

This year has been amazing!  To celebrate I wanted to share the top 14 images I've taken in the last 12 months.  Do you have a favorite?  Let me know in the comments!

14. Raven & Kyle's 1 year anniversary - I love photographing these two!  Their wedding was beautiful and when Raven contacted me to do an anniversary session complete with their cake, a tent prop, and tons of photos from their special day. I was THRILLED!  These two are such a cute couple and I wish them many many years of wedded bliss!  I'm also crossing my fingers we get to do this every year lol!  You can see their blog post here Raven & Kyle's blog post

13.  Wonder Hubby and I got to run away to Louisville's Riverfront Park for the day and while visiting our old hometown I got to photograph the Scottish band Pictus!  This is one of my favorite shots of the day!  You can see more from the day here

12.  Photographing bands is a lot of fun but when one of the band members is your Pops it's sorta amazing!  Here's the bassist for Neon Shine Ken Messer!

11.  Corporate work was also a highlight of 2014.  One of my favorite clients and now my go to stylist had me do a salon walk through for their new business House of Hair.  This was my favorite shot of the day!  You can see more of their drop dead gorgeous salon here

10.  Sometimes your clients are some of your friends.  Tonya is not only one stylish and beautiful chick but she's also a football mom that I'm blessed to spend many fall Friday nights screaming beside of in the stands lol This picture made the list because it's just one of my favorite poses I've ever done with a group.  I love the lines, the color, and of course the family!  Their whole session was fun filled and you can see it here

9. Shelby's mom contacted and asked if I was willing to travel to Rockcastle county, boy was this car ride worth it!  Shelby is a senior there and her session was AMAZING!  I could pick a ton of favorites from this shoot but this picture just speaks to the artist in me.  I hope to photograph this family again soon and you can see her blog filled with tons of cute photos and pose inspiration here

8.  Brianna is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever photographed.  She was so confident and comfortable in front of the lens that I loved her session so much!  Having a fearless model makes a session come to life with personality!  So even though I was lying in the grass, in the middle of a crowded park, and had to ask her to wallow with me lol we got this shot!  Her and her boyfriend done an amazing job for their couples pics as well and you can see them here

7.  One of my favorite things to include in my final product for clients are the outtakes.  Nothing shows a family's real personality and dynamics more!  I think the outtakes are what led me to love "lifestyle" photography so much.  These two are brother and sister and some of my favorite clients!  I love this picture as much as any posed one!  Their blog post with the rest of the family, here

6.  Hannah was not my typical Senior Session, she was graduating college and her mom wanted to do something fun.  Her session was filled with cuteness and creativity, inspired by some pinterest ideas! This was my favorite shot of the day and I've had several moms tell me they were going to ask for the same pose when the special day arrives for their own kiddos!  Her modern and fun blog post is  here

5.  To say Stephanie is cute is an understatement!  This little woman is full of attitude, style and beauty!  Her sessions are always a blast and this year for her birthday she wanted a Tween Session just for her!  We had so much fun and already planning some cool art shoot ideas together!  This was one of my favorite pics of the year because it really captured her fun personality!  Her session can be found here

4.  David and Brandy's newlywed session had more meaning than just celebrating their nuptials.  David was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and has been fighting like a warrior since the diagnosis.  He inspired me to stop smoking and we've even shared a few cussing fits together just so he can vent without any judgement lol This portrait showed what a brave soul he is and he said it was the first picture he's ever liked of himself.  Talk about making a photographer proud!  His and Brandy's photos can be found here

3.  So technically not a JBP photograph lol This shot was with the family at a Cincinnati Reds game!  My boys are getting huge and I turned my lens away from the game to capture a pic of Dylan at his first major league game.  The result is an image that I'm so in love with!  Hard to believe this is my baby! <3

2.  It was such a busy year but I did manage to get some art shots in here and there.  "Journey to Dream" was a project I've wanted to do for a long time and has inspired some more levitation photographs.  I'm super proud of this shot and hope to do more work like this as time allows!  Thanks to the model for trusting me when I said "Do a backbend over this barstool, it will look cool I promise!"  hahaha  The blog post can be viewed here

1.  I don't think it's any surprise what made my number 1 pic of the year.  Zander's birth was life changing.  I've done hospital sessions before but never a c-section and never with a couple that I can truly say have turned into friends!  When David called me and said it was time I think I was as nervous as any family member.  I had a long drive to their hospital and didn't want to miss anything!  I'll never forget the look Allie gave me, after hearing the news she had to have a c-section, and saying "You ready to suit up?"  I will cherish the fact that I was picked to be there for his first breath, his first photo, his first hugs from two loving parents.  I was able to be there for his first bath, first time he made his Dad cry, I could list the 1sts I was gifted to be a part of all day but this photo is the one that had his whole family swarm me in the cafeteria when I finally got to get some food and take a "break"  They ended up closing the cafeteria but let us stay so we could share these moments together.  As I watch Zander grow I always think back to this picture.  This amazing moment is my favorite photograph of 2014!  His birth story blog can be found here

and yes he's flipping us all off!  Here's to 2015 and more amazing photography!  Thank you to all my clients for sharing their lives with me and my camera!  Even if you didn't make the list, your sessions all have a memorable moment and highlight that I cherish!  I hope to see everyone again soon! Love and Light - Julie

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