Belly Bump Session with David & Allie

7/16/2014 01:14:00 AM

When our session started at Levi Jackson State Park, I knew I was going to have some great photos!  Between our Pinterest inspiration boards and just how much fun this couple is, there wasn't anything that could go wrong.  When I found out their first inspiration shot was in honor of David's Grandmother who had prayed for this new baby I knew we were going to be sharing something special with their family that had touched my heart!  I know how special a prayed for baby can be with my own miracle. 

So I hope you enjoy David & Allie's Baby Bump session from a couple of weeks ago!  When two people love each other this much I have no doubt that their lives will only be enriched more by this amazing blessing!  This session led to a conversation that I will share in my next post but for now here's some cute pregnancy cuteness! -Jules

A little bonus shot....when I was preparing for one of the other poses, I told David to smile and think about having that new baby soon.  This was the face I got!  <3

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