A Birth Story....JBP Welcomes Baby Zander

7/16/2014 02:18:00 AM

During Allie & David's Belly Bump session link here we discussed how much fun it would be document the delivery in the Lifestyle photography style.  They asked me about a one year package and I thought how amazing would it be to document a family from birth through 1 year at all the important milestones!  I had no idea that within a few days I would get a call that Allie was in the hospital and due to complications Baby Z was on the way!  I hustled up to Richmond and was met with a waiting room filled with smiling faces that I've come to know and love.  This family is so sweet and I truly adore them all.  When I went in to see Allie she was doing great and in such high spirits.  Before I had even taken a few shots the baby had taken a turn for the worse and a decision was made to head into surgery.  When they looked at me and asked if I was ready I knew we were about to take some of the most intense and wonderful pictures ever! Seeing everything through the lens is so different, you are almost detached until you pull the camera away and process.  It wasn't until Zander was safe and sound that I pulled away, knowing I got the shots that Allie had already told me were most important to her, and saw David.  I mean really saw him.  I think it was right after I shot the first family photo.  From that point on I was a mess.  I was instantly in awe of this couple that had shared this moment with me.  I was in awe of this mom that was so confident and sure of herself that she allowed me to be there to document everything so she had these moments forever.  I was in awe of this dad that was overflowing with love and pride in his new family.  Their love for each other and this new life had me calling my own family as soon as I had a moment.  By the end of the day I was hugging on them all.  Crying with them all.  And no longer call them clients, they are friends who I just adore.  Zander has touched my heart and is just the most perfect little guy.  I really don't know what I will do when a year is up....Zander is just going to have to be photographed for all major holidays and life events LOL!  I think David summed it up best when he asked "Can we lock down Senior rates now?"  David and Allie....Senior Pics are on "Aunt" Jules :)   Now for Zander's Birth Story told in pictures.  One of my favorite sessions in my whole career!

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