Friday Philanthropy

6/22/2014 04:53:00 PM

This past Friday was filled with rain, thunder, and lightning....AND SUPER HEROES! 

When my sweet friend Cheryl posted that she was building a team for Relay for Life my husband and I were completely on board!  We've never participated in this event before and had no idea what to expect.  Well, it is amazing!  Even in the downpour of rain there was so much fun and laughter to be had from all these amazing people fighting cancer, celebrating surviving, and remember those we've lost.  I honestly can't wait for next year and plan on being even more involved in this amazing event.  Our team all wore tutu's and super hero shirts, by the end of the dancing in the rain and walking the track we had some very sad tutus!  Overlook these reallllly non glamorous photos lol!

JBP was also happy to donate a gift certificate to another local and worthy cause that had a benefit on Friday.  Southeast Kentucky ReEntry Task Force held a lunch and silent auction to raise funds to obtain their 501c status.  The ReEntry program's motto is "Building Brides for a Better Community" by helping people who have been incarcerated integrate back into communities in a positive way.  One of the main reason's this charity spoke to me was their approach to helping those released stay motivated to move forward in a positive light those that struggle with addiction stay sober...

"A reentry person needs support. Not a free ride, but support to get started on the track to being successful in the community. They need jobs to make money, to buy housing, to get transportation, to buy food, etc. When a person is able to work and buy those things, the urge to commit a crime to get money, is greatly reduced.

Some have addictions to drugs and alcohol, and support is needed to battle those cravings. Fighting an addiction is not easy and may last a lifetime, but with support it can be done. Taking away those addictions may prevent many violent crimes as well as economic crimes." - from their website

I also have two very cute photo sessions to share with you from this weekend! Those will be posted soon!  

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