A Great Gatsby Prom - KCHS 2014

5/19/2014 09:59:00 PM

When I was offered the chance to go to Knox Central's Great Gatsby themed prom and photograph the students, I was thrilled! Not only is The Great Gatsby my favorite book from high school but I'm also alumni of KCHS. It was amazing and prom has definitely changed since the late 90's! The teachers, parents and volunteers had set the perfect prom....

 Before we knew it the lights had dimmed and everyone arrived looking flawless! 

The highlight of my night was Senior Circle.  They gathered the senior class around to join hands for their song and I got to be inside to photograph it all.  About midway through they all swarmed inside to dance the rest of the song away!  It was crazy and amazing! 

The night ended for JBP with the crowning of Prom King and Queen!

So many thanks to give to everyone!  I have to thank Catrina McDermott, my go to for all these events and helped keep me where I needed to be!  We attended KCHS together and it has been so much fun reconnecting over these events and seeing how much we've changed!  It's really cool seeing your high school friends with amazing careers and families!  You are seriously the best contact person in the world! Can't wait to photograph the senior class in June!
I have to thank my wonder hubby as well.  He has really supported me so much with these last two big events!  I am just not capable of pulling any of things off that I do without my support team and he's for sure the captain of that team! It was really awesome going to prom with him after all these years!
Coming up soon.....we have "Matthew and Kaley's Prom Session", "Using Reflectors with Natural Light" blog and next week we will have a look at Jessica's wedding!  WOW! So much fun stuff coming up on JBP!  The newsletter will be out at the end of the month with a special that's only for email sign ups so if you haven't joined you should! 

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