How I Use Pinterest as a Tool, Not a Hindrance

5/01/2014 06:19:00 PM

If you do a quick search of "Why photographers hate Pinterest?" you will soon find your page filled with over 6 million results.  Yeah, you read that right....6,000,000+! Most of them make really valid points.  Pinterest has filled clients with some unrealistic ideas that we can make lighting change for every photo, that every wedding has "50 must have pictures" as cookie cutter as it gets, and so many stolen, once original, ideas that we could scream!

I use Pinterest as a business tool!

During the client consultation I always ask "Do you have Pinterest?"  95% of the time my clients do and they have been looking at ideas.  From their individual boards we can build on what type of photography they want.  Lifestyle, posed, traditional or a mixture of both.  We can determine what style of post processing, if any, they love; hazy dreamy edits, rich matte finishes, beautiful black and whites.  Do they like props? What clothing looks best? All these questions can be addressed in a great way using Pinterest "Pins" as visual examples.  During my consultation I'm always careful to let my clients know that we can use these examples as inspiration.  These poses as inspiration.  These edits as inspiration.  All of this opens up great communication and lets us both know what to expect.  For me that leads to a happy shoot with happy clients. 

Advertising - After I've blogged a session I will pin some of my favorite pictures from the blog.  In the "Pin" description I list a few key search words followed by ALL my websites;  the blog, facebook, Instagram and even the Pinterest follow page.  So if someone searches "Family Pose" hopefully one of my photos comes up and (crossing fingers) leads them here.  Even better....they search for "Kentucky Photographer" and finds JBP hoping to tell their story with art <3

Probably my favorite way to use Pinterest is creative inspiration.  I have so many boards for ideas that I'm brain storming. From art shoots to shoots that haven't even been booked but oh do I hope they happen!  I have pose boards of beautiful shapes that inspire me for all body types or for when you have several people in a shot and need help getting a dynamic pose.  I have boards with editing techniques that I don't use often but I think are creative or could be fun.  Even ideas for branding ideas like how to package my new flash drives for clients!  I consider myself creative but I'm a visual learner, so seeing a beautiful package inspires me on how to turn that into something very JBP! For instance, I'm working on an upcoming event and wanted to put something in 140 goodie bags to accompany my business card, a coupon card, and an information card for ordering prints from the event that I will photograph.  Thanks to Pinterest I was able to find something creative that fit the type of event, stayed within budget and was super cute (more on that in an upcoming blog!). 

JBP Pinterest Link

So this is just how I use Pinterest in my photography world.  As a mom and horrible cook I'm using it personally all the time to help with other things (trust me I need that whole recipe section). I use it for birthday themes, crafts, and holidays.  I actually have a board for the Pins I've done both successfully and not so successfully....

What do you use Pinterest for? 

Please note that all the images used are screenshots from my Pinterest board.  Original images belong to copyright holder and used for demonstration purpose only. 

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