Getting Ready to 5K it up....

5/08/2014 08:10:00 PM

JBP is photographing Knox Central High School's Odyssey of the Mind Team's "Let Your Creativity Shine" 5K Run/Walk!  The proceeds of the run will go toward their trip to Iowa to compete in the world finals.  For more info on the event go their website found here.  OotM is close to my heart because my little brother was very active in this group while he was in high school and loved it.  In our area we need programs like this to help our youth and expose them to amazing opportunities.  The teachers and volunteers that make groups like this happen, are simply, wonderful!  Thank you!

When I got invited to attend the fundraiser, I thought how awesome would it be to photograph a 5K? Let alone one with glow sticks!  After corresponding with one of the coordinators I got the okay to photograph and sale prints of the event.  I was asked if I wanted to contribute to the goodie bags and of course I said YES!  That's my favorite part of any event I throw, then I was told they were making 140 bags!  EEK!  To Pinterest for inspiration (just like I mentioned in my previous blog "Using Pinterest as a Tool") I tossed some ideas around with the wonder hubby.  Everything from hair ties (not gender neutral) to single use Gatorade pouches (not budget friendly lol).  Thanks to an amazing deal on some snack size cookies I went with those and began my Pinterest search for packaging!

Simple brown bags fit the bill with the addition of the amazing duct tape.  Why duct tape? Well thanks to all their new patterns they have one that coordinates perfectly with my logo. 

Branding Baby! Woohoo!  I wanted to stay on budget even though the crafter in me wanted buttons and twine and hole punchers and grommets and basically everything the craft store had to offer but went with cute, brightly colored staples to attach all my info to the outside.  Those included the $25 coupons and the info cards with all the info participants needed to view and order prints from the event! Those beautiful info cards came from one of my favorite local vendors The Mountain Advocate.  Support your local peeps when you can!  If you stop by there ask for Maria and tell her Julie sent you!  She's the best and I simply adore her!  I plan to feature her on the blog soon!

So now that they are all assembled I wanted to put together an inspiration board of what exactly I'm looking for.  I love shooting with glow sticks as you can tell from my Light Painting Test Run Blog but that was in a controlled environment.  This is going to be all action!  So here's a look at my inspiration for Saturday's shoot and I hope to see everyone there supporting a great group of kids!  I love supporting our community so if you have an upcoming event please contact me so we can discuss your photography needs!  Be on the lookout for some 5K pics very soon!

Pinterest Pictures are copyright to their original owner and do not belong to JBP.

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