Finding your place in the world...

4/01/2014 07:11:00 PM

There's so many photographers out there, some better than others, that it's hard to find your place in the mix of it all.  You feel like you have to do it all to compete with everyone that has picked up an SLR and selling you packages for $25.  I've talked a lot about branding myself in my blog and to friends but now that spring is springing I want to really focus on shooting what I love so that I produce work that I'm truly proud of.  This isn't just a job for me, it's about creating something beautiful for every client. With that in mind JBP got a new description page.... JBP Description Link  Here's my place in the photography world...hope to shoot your next session!

My clients are beautiful and fearless.  My women are fashionistas.  My men are rough are the edges.  My couples think outside the box. My kids are extraordinary and frankly supermodels working it in front of the lens.

Modern, Alternative, Provocative, Different, Trendsetting - if any of these words describes you, I want you as my client! My style of photography has grown and changed over the years.  I've found I'm happiest and most fulfilled as an artist when shooting sessions that have a fashion flair, if this fits your personality then you should book a session with JBP now!

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