Celebrating LOVE - A Valentine Giveaway!

1/17/2014 11:25:00 PM

In honor of the love filled holiday and passing 300 "likes" on Facebook, JBP is hosting a Giveaway!  I love doing these!  This one is will run until January 31st at midnight and you can enter at this link: Rafflecopter Giveaway or on the facebook page under the tab "Giveaway".  This includes a 2 hour photography session and CD with the finished images and a print release.  You can use this session within the next 6 months like any of my gift certificates and it doesn't just have to be Valentine themed!  This isn't just for couples or kids, you could make this your next fashion or glam shoot or something artsy if you wanted! You guys know my motto "Have camera, will shoot!" Good Luck and everyone is welcome to enter! Rafflecopter never sells your email address and I have no input on who wins, it's all done electronically so have at it!  The Giveaway starts at midnight! 35 minutes and counting....

Love you all and thanks for all the support -J

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  1. I am still in love with our pictures, and I have recommended you often. You are a very talented person whose work I always enjoy looking at.

    1. Thank you Billie! I love working with you and you're family!


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