Cabin Fever and Finding Inspiration

1/28/2014 09:06:00 PM

Here in Kentucky we've been in a deep freeze that has caused the worse case of cabin fever I think I've ever suffered from.  On top of that, the Burnette house has battled not one, but two different flu, viruses, plagues that has really made us all pretty miserable.  Luckily that has lifted but that also meant a lot of time on the computer.  Now in between my time on Netflix I was doing what I usually do in my down time and that's finding inspiration for upcoming shoots.  I have a few jobs coming up next month from newborn to boudoir but I always like to work on conceptual and art shoots while times are slow.  Finding inspiration for those shoots and working on business plans in the slower months are how I usually work best especially since Spring brings warmer weather and more bookings!  While cruising through some of my favorite places for inspiration (Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook) I found that two of my favorite photographers were featured on reality tv like series that showcased most their talents but they had to use the same concept.  I was hooked!  If you've never heard of Brooke Shaden and Lindsay Adler you should check them out!  Brooke Shaden does fine art photography and is my go to for inspiration for conceptual pieces and Lindsay Adler is my inspiration for putting fashion flair (she may have copyrighted that saying lol) on portrait sessions to give them an edge!  She now does fashion shoots primarily and is amazing!  Anyway, if you're stuck at home and want to see how things work from concept to reality and all the work that goes on behind the scenes of a full session "The Concept" is amazing.  Any other YouTube or Netflix inspiration I should know about?

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