12/26/2013 12:58:00 PM

Well it's officially Boxing Day which means for our house the holiday frenzy is over.  I posted a little about this yesterday on my personal Facebook account but I find myself putting the camera down more and more at family events.  It doesn't matter if it's a ballgame, vacation, birthday or holiday I've figured out that I sometimes miss so much of my kid's moments if I'm behind the lens trying to get all the technical details right.  If I'm behind the camera I'm worried about the shot not about what's going on around me and in a way you're disassociated with the event you're at.  Now don't get me wrong there have been some super sweet weddings I've cried at but for the most part I'm more worried about the lighting that what is being said and nailing the perfect "kiss" shot before the bride and groom are strolling down the aisle and my shot is long gone.  When it's a birthday party you have those same moments you feel the pressure to get. That perfect "blowing out the candles" or that amazing "perfect gift shot" and the holidays are no different.  I know when I first started getting really into photography I would look up from the camera and the kids would be gone playing and all I had left would be a pile of wrapping paper.  I had missed the laughter and chaos trying to get the perfect picture of their surprised faces.  When in all honesty I just want to be there for those faces and then be off playing.  So now I don't bring the camera to most events, sometimes I bring a point n shoot that's held up through several vacations and taking a real beating! It's a Canon Powershot and was one of the reasons I went Canon when I upgraded.  I also am a slave to my iPhone.  I use the camera on it like crazy! In fact I have more camera apps than games which really frustrates the 10 year old when he bums my phone.  Do any other photographers go through this? Do you consider yourself off the clock so you don't miss the memories? Hope you all had an amazing holiday season and I'm looking forward to the end of the year post coming soon!


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