Doctors vs Nurses Behind the Scenes....

12/02/2013 10:20:00 PM

The "Doctors vs Nurses" cover was a really fun picture to shoot.  Original blog can be found here:  Doctors vs Nurses It consisted of three different types of blood, one commercial gel product, one commercial liquid that was "edible" and the tried and true homemade method of corn syrup and red food coloring!

 I have to give some big thanks to Brad Skidmore here for helping play mad scientist with the fake blood.  From mixing the right color to the genius idea of throwing it in the refrigerator to slow the drips down. You went from hand model to the best assistant ever, thank you!

  Here is the lighting set up for the shot.  You would think one single shot would take like 5 minutes to do...nope lol.  It was a lot of set up and then adding a little blood, then shooting.  Adding blood posing fingers, shooting.  Adding blood squeezing hands, checking to make sure no fake blood on camera or anywhere else (red food dye means business ya'll) then more shooting.  I think the final count was over a 100 shots and about an hour of models covered in blood.  I have amazing people! We knew we needed some drips either for the title or other graphics so then we got to pour some blood which led to all kinds of fun and about 50 more frames of crazy.  I'm sorta glad these aren't the film days or someone would swear I had killed someone lol
  We ran drip lines a few times and after I was finally satisfied that I had enough shots to use,we did what any horror movie buff would do when faced with a poster board covered in drips of fake blood.....

I can't thank Debbie and Brad Skidmore enough for modeling, for my husband for putting up with while I worked on this project and just about threw the computer out into the front yard when all my usb's quit working and to Maria at Hasni Publishing for believing in me and trusting me with this job.

We're done.....

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