Thankful for Family | Billie Humphrey & Family

11/30/2013 12:25:00 AM

So on a very blustery day I got to have a session with Billie Humphrey and her wonderful family! I love working with Billie and it's hard to believe that we've done pictures together for so many years now! I think we were both a little shocked when we realized just how long it had been!  When you work with someone that many times capturing their special moments means so much,  you've watched their child grow in front of your lens! This session I also got to meet her sister and niece and nephew so we had a blast!  There was times I literally had to put the camera down and just crack up because the jokes they played on each other to get smiles had me laughing so hard I found myself wiping away tears!  This is what family is all about and what everyone this week should be thankful for! Enjoy some pics from this wonderful crew as well as some outtakes at the end! Thank you Billie for sharing your memories with me and I hope your pictures make you smile as much as they did me! 

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