Light Painting Test Run....

11/02/2013 06:38:00 PM

Long exposure and Light Painting photography has always been something I love to play with in my down time, when portraits and freelance work aren't taking up my time.  Knowing winter is coming (GoT reference woohoo) I wanted to get some light painting tests in before we set up for some fun art shoots. Thanks to some amazing friends who turned into my crew and model for the evening I got to play and learn what to do next time!  Big thanks to Jonathan, Jennifer, Cody and Sam for all their help and ideas!  My favorite shot is the one above and is only slightly edited, cropped and contrast increased. We learned a lot from this one shot, including Jonathan still remembers his clubbing days! The art shot on this one will be done in shades of red to look like he's on fire and some lighting to include the awesome goggles he was wearing! 

This shot was achieved with glow sticks near the camera lens producing the rainbow, street light producing the orange ambient light and strobe highlighting our dark angel. Considering we done all this spur of the moment with zero planning I'm pretty thrilled.  The redo on this will include darker clothes, LED lights to create more of a pattern and a different location. Do I have amazing friends or what? I wish I had taken some behind the scenes! Again edited with a good cropping and contrast.

The last one I did heavily edit. It needed it. It was such an awesome pose and the strobe was perfect but the ambient light had picked up everything in the carport and so I decided to go full fantasy since we had a warrior angel, why not?  Crop, contrast, warmed up and texture overlay!  Be on the lookout for the actual art shoots to come in the next few weeks! 

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  1. Love photography like this! It turns out really beautiful as well as being really fun to do! I still keep finding myself staring at that first one! Love creative things like this! :D Keep up the great work! (✿◠‿◠)


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