End of a Season and a Free Session!

10/03/2013 09:49:00 PM

Football season for our middle school has ended.  Our last game was "8th Grade Night" where all the kids who's last year as a middle schooler got to walk out on the field with a parent and present them with a rose.  As a stepparent this honor doesn't usually go to me but for the first time ever my bonus son asked if I could walk with him.  I totally kept it together until I got home and edited the pictures my wonder hubby had taken. As you can tell, I was grinning ear to ear with complete pride! 

Football is crazy as a parent!  We get so close to parents, watch as our kids get crunched, yet cheer when they do the crunching.  It's a mess of emotions lol.  One thing is for sure, I have made some amazing friends with the parents and will cherish our time in the stands!  Can't wait until next year when we get the joy of being high school football moms and dads!

So other than football, I've been busy getting print orders in for clients and ordering business cards which came in today....YAY!  I wanted to try something different since leaving Obsidian and got mini cards.  They are so cute and so full of color, totally my style! 
How cute is that? Love the watercolor look! To celebrate and to generate some traffic over on the facebook page I will be giving away a basic session within the tri-county area.  After I get to 200 likes I will start a rafflecopter (online app that takes care of the drawing for you) more details to come when I hit the big 2-0-0 :)  So head over to https://www.facebook.com/jburnettephotography and hit that little "like" button for me! 

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