The importance of editing...

9/02/2013 08:55:00 PM

I've always wanted to do a side by side comparison of a before and after photo.  That being said, a magician never shows how his tricks are done because it ruins the magic for he audience, so I never show a client the "befores".  I always like to show them in the best possible light and never make them see what they perceive as flaws.  Part of my consultations always include what they love and don't love about themselves.  It's easier for women in particular to tell what they hate about their bodies but when you ask them what they love they will often clam up.  I say shout it from the rooftops!  If you got great legs, eyes, arms, whatever let your photographer know so we can showcase them!  Anyway back to the reason for this post.  It's really important when choosing your photographer for any session that you like their style, including their editing.  If they don't offer post work editing you have to decide if that's the look you want as well.  I may spend 2 hours on your shoot but afterwards my work really begins.  I spend hours editing in Photoshop CS5 correcting imperfections, enhancing eyes, getting rid of objects that distract from the picture and adding different color effects for every client.  Not counting if they need a little a slimming or plumping here and there...  So I'm throwing my own face out there flaws and all for you to see just how important post work editing is.  This shot was taken before I upgraded to the new Canon. 

So as you can see from the before I was in the shade of the afternoon sun, the pose was to show my new makeup I had purchased from Urban Decay (Ammo Palette if curious lol) to share on a makeup website I'm a member of.  So this is a pretty bright edit but hey that's me, I love color! For me it's all things shiny or black and white, there isn't much in between.  As I get into some more art shoots I'll be sure to post more before and afters. 

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