Busy B's, Business Plans and Branding

8/28/2013 09:52:00 PM

It's been a really busy week here at the Burnette house.  Not only did I decide to launch this new business but it's also football season for our middle school aged son.  Translation....constantly in the car or doing some of the smelliest laundry in history.  I know boys will be boys, but shew! 

So in between my long term relationship with Gain and Clorox Hard Surface (great for football gear btw) I've been gathering advice from other small business owners on how to go from a mom with a dream to a business owner with a successful brand.  I've learned that first and foremost to keep your business plan strong and smart.  Have obtainable goals that can be reassessed as needed and truly brand yourself.  Business plan I understood but I don't think I really understood the branding until it hit me today.  Sure I came up with a name, it wasn't that hard it's my own, thinking that branding myself would be ideal.  But it's not just the name that makes a brand it's that something special that sets you apart from the herd.  So after more research and more note taking and tossing ideas around, I began reflecting back to my consultations and feedback from previous clients.  I've always loved making my clients feel beautiful, comfortable and confident.  From weddings to boudoir, I always made a point that it would be stress free and fun.  When I got all those words together it all boiled down to the whole "experience" of the session.  From having a knowledgeable photographer who will not only pose you in a flattering way but will also always portray you in a positive light,  will only display your best pictures and will edit any flaws you are concerned about so that when you walk away from the "experience" you feel amazing!  So maybe I found my brand....maybe instead of sessions J Burnette Photography offers you an experience, one filled with making you feel amazing and confident!

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